Dr Adel Nofal
Dr Adel Nofal is the Professor of metal casting and former president of Central Metallurgical R&D Institute. He is working as a Head of the World Foundry Organization (WFO) technical committee ADI, Member of the European Cast Iron Group (ECIG) as one of two non-European scientists worldwide. He was honoured with State merit award of advanced technological sciences (2010), and award of scientific excellence from the Egyptian Academy for Scientific and Research Technology (2002) He is Author of about 150 scientific publications. He is the Chairman of The Egyptian International Symposium on Science and Processing of Cast Iron (SPCI-9) – Luxor – Egypt and President of Egyptian Foundrymen Society.

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Alf Hartzenburg

National Project Manager: Industrial Energy Efficiency Project
National Cleaner Production Centre South Africa

Email: AHartzenburg@csir.co.za
Plenary Energy Solutions in Industry

Alf Hartzenburg heads up the South African Industrial Energy Efficiency Project (IEEP), an international project that is implemented by the National Cleaner Production Centre South Africa and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization.

In addition to a background in engineering, Alf has experienced a +30-year career in industry, specialising in production in the textile sector, before joining the IEE Project in 2011.

He is now one of the country’s leading experts in industrial energy management systems and energy systems optimisation. He serves on the International Energy Agency’s “Digital Technologies for Energy Management” Experts Panel, and as energy advisor to the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Energy.
Ashwin Seetal
Ashwin Seetal trained as a trans-disciplinary scientist and is a multi-disciplinary specialist with extensive strategic and operations experience in water and natural resources and its associated sectors.

His 38-year career in higher education, government, business and research has honed his strong business and technical acumen and insights.

In addition to a compelling ability to lead multi-disciplinary project teams, he is a consummate strategist, communicator, negotiator and facilitator in the analysis and resolution of complex technical, socio-political, business and management issues. His passion is systems analysis, strategy formulation through to intervention implementation.

He has contributed to changes in the water sector in South Africa in various disciplines including: laboratory analytical services; sector and organisational change; legislative reform; water quality management; water use allocations and authorisations; compliance and enforcement; institutional establishment; programme configuration and implementation; and, youth development. Many aspects of his work have contributed to structural, policy, legislative and implementation processes in the sector.

He has shared many of his experiences with developed and developing countries undertaking focused sector interventions or reforms, in the capacity as an advisor or expert.
Barry Bredenkamp

General Manager
Green Finance & Incentives
Barry Bredenkamp has been working in the energy industry since 1983, first for Eskom for 27 years and subsequently at the South African National Energy Development Institute (SANEDI), which is a state-owned entity within the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy.

Barry’s career in sustainable energy started whilst in Eskom in 1996 with the design and implementation of a national energy efficient lighting campaign and has progressed through many facets of the sustainable energy environment until now, where he heads up the Energy Efficiency Programme at SANEDI.
Chule Qalase

Project Manager
National Cleaner Production Centre South Africa
Water Efficiency
Chule Qalase joined the NCPC-SA as project manager, and is currently coordinating the Industrial Water Efficiency Programme, as well as conducting resource efficient and cleaner production (RECP) assessments.

He has more than 10 years’ industrial experience in both mining and chemical sectors where he assisted in the implementation of best environmental practices. Chule is a registered scientist with SACNASP and is a qualified facilitator for RECP. Chule Qalase is a professional water and environmental scientist, and is currently enrolled at University of Witwatersrand, completing his MSc in Chemical Engineering, researching water and wastewater.
David Volkwyk

Greenline Africa

David has property and financial services background, plus 20 years in ISO trainer industry. Entering the solar thermal field with a Dutch thermal PV-T Solarus concluded large thermal projects in the hotel sector. He now focuses on industry.

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David Fortune

Development Director
Greenline Africa

A branded Social Entrepreneur, Ashoka Fellow, David has developed a vision for bringing sustainability to Africa.

David was introduced to solar thermal through the Solaris PV-T technology. He is convinced that solar thermal has the potential to provide a huge portion of the global heat needs, bearing in mind that heat makes up more than 50% of the energy demand.

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Prof Dean Brandy

Head of School of Chemistry
University of the Witwatersrand
Dean Brady obtained his PhD from Rhodes University, under the supervision of Professor John Duncan, researching metal ion recovery from wastewater. He then joined AECI (African Explosives and Chemical Industries) R&D in 1994. In 2001 he joined Professor Roger Sheldon at Delft University of Technology (Netherlands) as a Visiting Research Fellow and then at CSIR (South Africa) as a Research Group Leader and Chief Research Scientist, specialising in Biocatalysis. He joined the University of the Witwatersrand in 2013 as a Professor and the Head of the School of Chemistry.

Research Interests
Research and promotion of Green Chemistry for Industry, using biologically based chemical production methods, in particular Biocatalysis. Biocatalysis utilises the high selectivity of enzymes in synthetic chemistry. This has a number of commercial advantages, such as reduction in production costs by involving fewer process steps, improved yields due to reduced by-product formation, and reduced capital costs (low temperature and pressure reactions). Biocatalysis is major contributor to Green Chemistry Technology as it can readily utilise sustainable renewable feedstocks, can converted some industrial wastes into products, reduce waste through improved atom economy and yields, and is inherently safe (low pressure and temperature reactions).

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Deidre Penfold

Executive Director
Chemical and Allied Industries’ Association
Green Chemistry
Deidre Penfold was born and educated in South Africa.  She holds a BCom (Honours) degree in Economics and takes a keen interest in international and current affairs, focussing on community projects in her leisure time. She has owned her own companies and is a member of a number of professional bodies. She currently is the Executive Director of the Chemical and Allied Industries’ Association (CAIA), an organisation that represents the entire chemical value chain in South Africa.  CAIA is also the custodian of Responsible Care, a voluntary international initiative.
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Devarajen Vithilingum

Ministry of Social Security, National Solidarity, and Environment and Sustainable Development, Mauritius
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Dolly Mafa

Director Sustainability Mechanisms
City of Tshwane
Dolly Mafa is Director of Sustainability Mechanism in City Sustainability Unit for City of Tshwane (CoT) wherein she is responsible for Identifying and leveraging on opportunities for low carbon and climate resilient financing. Her job further entails building and managing relationships with sustainability funding and investment agencies / organizations .She led the process of developing Sustainability Finance strategy(SFM) for a low carbon, climate resilient and resource efficient CoT.

Dolly has served acquired an intensive experience of more than 10 years in local government by servicing in various portfolios. Prior to joining City of Tshwane, Dolly served as Executive Manager in both local and District municipalities where she was formulating and implementing procedures, systems and controls to regulate specific work sequences and practices as dictated to municipality by legislations and by-laws. Dolly played a key role in providing technical and strategic guidance to Municipal council in the achievement of the key collaborations and performance areas. Besides her Master’s in Business leadership [MBL] from School of Business Leadership [SBL–UNISA], Dolly has Post Graduate Diploma in Development Finance and holds her first degree in Environmental Health from Tshwane University of Technology.
Egmont Ottermann

Resiliant Energy and Industrial Ecology
Green Finance & Incentives
Egmont is an experienced professional engineer focused on energy and industrial ecology. He has been involved in technical, change management and project development from inception, finance, structuring of off-balance sheet projects and implementation.
Egmont is a chemical engineer, as well as a certified energy manager (CEM) with the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) and is accredited by the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) under the Industrial Energy Efficiency (IEE) Project as an international energy management expert and international trainer.
His 20-plus years' of experience in energy and process management include the development and implementation of an energy and climate change strategy for PPC Cement, while he was their group energy manager.

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Faith Mkhacwa

Project Manager
National Cleaner Production Centre South Africa (NCPC-SA)
Green Finance & Incentives
Faith is a RE & Energy Efficiency Specialist, a UNIDO international Energy EnMS experts & ISO Technical Committee for Energy Management.

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Gerhard Fourie

Chief Director: Green Industries
Department of Trade & Industry
Mr Gerhard Fourie holds Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA), BCom in Economics, and Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. He has been with the Department of Trade and Industry for over 25 years holding various positions e.g. TISA and Advanced Manufacturing.
In his current position of Chief Director in Green Industries and Energy Efficiency he is responsible for facilitating the development of the local Green Economy.

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Dr Gerhard Bolt

Senior Manager
Gerhard is a senior Manager at Deloitte’s Africa Tax & Legal practice. He is a qualified industrial engineer with a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, a Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP), as well as a Carbon Footprint Analyst.

Read his article on carbon tax here
Gerswynn McKuur

Department of Energy, United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO)
Dr Henry Roman

Director: Environmental Services and Technologies
Department of Science and Innovation
Circular Economy and Life Cycle Management
Dr Roman holds a PhD in Biotechnology from Rhodes University, South Africa. He has 15 years’ experience in the National System of Innovation in various roles with 8 of these at the Department of Science and Technology (DST).

Joslin Lydall

Carbon Tax, Energy and Resource Efficiency
Accredited SANAS M&V Technical Signatory
 Chemical engineering with a demonstrated history of working in the management consulting industry. Skilled in Sustainable Development, Environmental Management (water, waste, air pollution, climate change etc.), Management Systems, Measurement and Verification, Project Management, Policy Advisory, Data Analysis, Grants and Incentives.
Passionate about delivering high quality work, problem solving, funding 'green' projects and working closely with clients to make projects happen.

  Julie Wells
Julie has nearly 25 years' experience in the communication and media fields, and seven years focused specialisation on communication and stakeholder engagement in the fields of resource efficiency and sustainability. After 18 years as a communication consultant in which she served a variety of clients in various fields, she joined the National Cleaner Production Centre South Africa (NCPC-SA) at the CSIR in Pretoria, as a full-time communication specialist where she is currently the Communication and Marketing Manager.

In this role, Julie is responsible for leading stakeholder engagement; and designing and implementing communication strategy; including everything from media engagement and events management to overseeing the development and dissemination of material in support of the objectives of the NCPC-SA – to transition South African industry to a low carbon, green economy.

She has successfully led the multi-stakeholder communication forum of the industrial Energy Efficiency Project Phase II since 2016, and was a key part of the first phase of the new CSIR industrial development strategy, as a co-leader of the Sector Analysis team.

One of the highlights of Julie’s career was her time as the Communication Consultant for the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ Programme at the host city of Pretoria, where she was integral in the successful delivery of the World Cup in the city.
Karen Heron

Founding Partner
Earth Probiotic
Circular Economy: Industrial Symbiosis Karen Heron is a founding partner of Earth Probiotic which she started with her husband Gavin.
Karen studied Homeopathy through the British Institute of Homeopathy while living in Hong Kong with her family.  Known for her terrible nursing skills by her children, she opted for starting small businesses instead, her current one being her favorite.  Karen is a passionate gardener, beekeeper and earth steward.  Karen’s dream is to work for the David Sheldrake Wildlife Trust raising baby elephants in Kenya. Her family is not wild about this idea.
Kevin Schlemmer

Managing Director

Energy Solutions in Industry Mr Kevin Schlemmer is a highly knowledgeable subject matter expert in the field of refrigeration and air-conditioning with over 25 years of experience in the South African market.
Kevin Cilliers

Regional Manager: KwaZulu Natal
National Cleaner Production Centre South Africa
Water Efficiency
Kevin Cilliers has been with the NCPC-SA since its inception in 2003, assisting the Centre to pioneer cleaner production in South Africa.  He is the project lead for the Industrial Water Efficiency Project, contributing to the sustainable transformation of industrial water usage practices in Southern Africa.
Lawrence Pratt

Principle Researcher
Energy Solutions in Industry
Lawrence Pratt joined the CSIR Energy Centre in 2017 as a principal researcher.  He manages the Solar PV Team, which is currently developing indoor accelerated stress testing capability to support the PV industry in South Africa.

Read his article on photovoltaic testing facilities here
Lee-Hendor Ruiters

Regional Manager: Western Cape
National Cleaner Production Centre South Africa (NCPC-SA)
Circular Economy & Life Cycle Management
Lee-Hendor is currently appointed as the Regional Manager of the NCPC-SA in its Western Cape Regional office responsible for overseeing the centre’s activities in the 3 Cape provinces. Prior to assuming this role, he was a Project Manager responsible for supporting companies to adopt RECP approaches in the Agro-Processing, Pulp & Paper, Chemicals and Tourism and Hospitality sectors.

Lee also represents the NCPC-SA in various leadership roles on local and international platforms and initiatives. In this respect he champions the Centre’s life cycle management & eco-innovation activities and is currently also a mentor on the Global Cleantech Innovation Programme in South Africa since 2016. Previous roles include acting as peer coach, team leader and speaker in international initiatives and partnerships with UN Environment, GIZ, and SECO.

Email: LRuiters@csir.co.za
Dr Lucia Steenkamp

Principal Researcher
Green Chemistry
Dr Lucia Steenkamp is a Principal Researcher at CSIR Biosciences and has been an author and co-author of numerous peer-reviewed papers and two book chapters. She has developed technologies leading to five granted patents, eight technology demonstrators and five technology packages which have been licensed to external clients. She is also the supervisor of a number of MSc and PhD students.  She has won the South African Women in Science Award (SAWISA) for Research and Innovation in 2018 for her work leading to technologies for commercialisation by three industrial partners. She has been a finalist in the NSTF rewards in 2012 and 2019 for the development of Green technologies for a number of industry partners and was selected as one of the Top 10 biochemistry alumni for Rand Afrikaans University/University of Johannesburg. She has been a part time lecturer in Toxicology at University of Pretoria in 2013 and 2014. Dr Steenkamp is a registered professional natural scientist with the South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions (SACNASP) and a member of the South African Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (SASBMB).

Dr Steenkamp focuses on developing new “Green” and Biocatalysis technologies for industry clients in the pharmaceutical, veterinary, biocides, food, flavours and fragrance industries. A significant basket of scientific outputs has been the result of her scientific work.   As most of the work is done for external industry clients and highly innovative, the work is in most cases classified as “Company secret” by the clients and can therefore not be published or patented. Several complete processes have been developed for industry clients that are currently being scaled-up by the industry partners for commercialisation.
Mark Hunter

General Manager
South African Coal Ash Association

Circular Economy: Industrial Symbiosis
Mark qualified in the technical environment in the mechanical engineering field and has an MDP from Unisa School of Business Leadership and a Utility Management Diploma from Stanford University.  After retiring from Eskom in 2016 as the Investment Recovery Manager, where one of the commodities was the commercialisation of the Ash. He was appointed as the General Manager of SACAA in April 2017 to enhance the performance and delivery capabilities of the ash beneficiation and utilisation to the economical benefits of the country.

Email: mehunter22@icloud.com
Nadia Rawjee

Executive Director

Green Finance & Incentives
Nadia is a co-founder of Uzenzele, a firm that advises & facilitates capital raising for SMEs averaging R 53mil per transaction. She has successfully raised blended finance for a combined 370kWp in rooftop mounted Solar PV within the industrial sector.
Ndivhuho Raphulu

National Cleaner Production Centre South Africa

Ndivhuho Raphulu heads up the National Cleaner Production Centre of South Africa (NCPC-SA), the resource efficiency and cleaner production programme of the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti), hosted by the CSIR, with offices in Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban.

He oversees the NCPC-SA’s efforts to promote the implementation of Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) methodologies to assist industry to lower costs through reduced energy, water and materials usage, and improved waste management.

Ndivhuho holds degrees in Environmental Science, Environmental Management and Developmental Studies. Prior to joining NCPC-SA, he was Senior Sustainability Advisor at national power utility, Eskom.

He plays a leading role in various national forums as well as on the continent and internationally.
  Ngoanathari Maja

Project Manager
National Cleaner Production Centre South Africa

Green Chemistry
Energy Solutions in Industry

Ngoanathari Maja joined the NCPC-SA in 2013. She holds an MSc in Engineering Management from the Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia, USA, and a BTech Project Management from Tshwane University of Technology (TUT). She also holds a (BTech) Chemical Engineering from TUT.

Before joining the NCPC-SA, Ngoanathari worked as Process Engineer at multi-national automotive components manufacturer Johnson Matthey. Other positions she has held include Project Coordinator at Johnson & Johnson, and Production Coordinator at Dow Chemicals.

Ngoanathari has six years of technical and management experience in projects, production, and operations management in bulk chemical manufacturing, industrial and specialty gasses manufacturing, and advanced materials process technology (precious metals) industries. She also has two year’s healthcare sector experience in database creation and maintenance, business strategy planning, sales & marketing, business analysis/business intelligence, health economics, and market access strategy implementation.

As part of the project management team of the NCPC-SA, she is responsible for the provision of resource efficiency and cleaner production assessments and support services to industry in KwaZulu Natal and Gauteng.

Email: NMaja@csir.co.za
Paul Lochner

Manager: Environmental Management Services

Foundries Workshop
Paul Lochner is an environmental assessment practitioner at the CSIR in Stellenbosch, with over 25 years of experience in a wide range of environmental assessment and management studies. His particular experience is in the renewable energy, oil and gas, wetland management, and industrial and port development sectors. He has been closely involvement in the research and application of Strategic Environmental Assessment in South Africa, and also has a wide range of experience in Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Management Plans. He holds a degree in Civil Engineering and a Masters in Environmental Science, both from the University of Cape Town.
Peter Klein
Peter Klein holds a BSc.Eng (with distinction) and a Ph.D degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of the Witwatersrand. He has 8 years of experience in finite element modelling and experimental analysis of high temperature thermal storage systems based on sensible heat storage and phase change materials. He is currently employed as a Senior Researcher for the Energy Centre at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research in Pretoria, South Africa. His research is focused on thermal energy systems, including solar thermal technologies for industrial process heat, thermal energy storage and waste heat recovery. Peter is currently involved in the development of a thermal systems laboratory at the CSIR Energy Centre.
Peter Ssekajja

Senior Technical Officer
Uganda Cleaner Production Centre
Green Chemistry
Peter Ssekajja is an Industrial Chemist with eight years of professional experience in promoting and implementing Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production (RECP) in enterprises in Uganda. He graduated in Masters of Science in Environment and Natural Resources at Makerere University Kampala and in Bachelor of Science in Industrial Chemistry (from Makerere University Kampala).

Peter Ssekajja is currently working as a Senior Technical Officer at Uganda Cleaner Production Centre (UCPC) where he is involved in implementing Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production, Chemical Leasing, Environmental Management System and Switch Africa Green Projects (Demand Side Management of Water Use in Micro Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (MSMEs) and Enhancing Resource Productivity and Environmental Performance of MSMEs in 6 African Countries Through the concept of Industrial Symbiosis. His work at UCPC has helped him gain experience in environmental management, particularly in; conducting Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production Assessments, conducting training in Environmental Management Systems and conducting training and providing technical support to enterprises to support implementation of RECP, Industrial Symbiosis and Chemical Leasing. Peter Ssekajja participated in promotion of Chemical Leasing in Crown Beverages Ltd, a Ugandan soft drink beverage Company which won Bronze in Global ChL Awards 2014 and then Gold in 2018.
Dr Phillippa (Pippa) Notten

The Green House

Circular Economy & Life Cycle Management
Dr Philippa Notten, a principal consultant and Director at The Green House, has an undergraduate and PhD degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cape Town. Pippa is also an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Cape Town in the Department of Chemical Engineering.
  Randall Bredenkamp

Chief Audit Executive
Excellent Meat Holdings
Industrial Water Efficiency
Overseeing the Internal Audit function for the Excellent Meat Group
Non Executive Director on various Committees
Volunteer Financial director on NPO
Memberships with SAICA/IodSA and IIASA

Please click here to view his LinkedIn profile
  Dr Rosa Klein

Senior Lecturer
Rhodes University
My research interests are focussed on the development of synthetic methods toward the preparation of heterocyclic compounds with medicinal potential, particularly in the area of HIV. We aim to use catalytic methods wherever possible, greener solvents and solvent free reactions, and microwave assisted synthesis and will soon start developing methods adapted to flow-chemistry.
Sandy Majtladi

National Foundry Technology Network

Foundries Workshop
Over 20 years experience as a Physical Metallurgist with sound experience within the Foundry, Rail, Fabrication, Welding, Sales and Marketing sectors.
Sashay Ramdharee

Project Manager
National Cleaner Production Centre South Africa

Energy Solutions in Industry
Sashay Ramdharee is a Project Manager, focusing on Energy Systems Optimisation Assessments (ESO). He manages the delivery of the NCPC-SA’s service offerings in the IEE Project, which includes the implementation of energy management systems, energy auditing and energy systems optimisation assessments. He is a passionate, versatile and confident project manager with 10+ years’ experience driving projects and leading cross-functional teams to consistently meet key program deliverables. Managed the implementation of projects at 50+ large multinational industries which have saved companies approx R1billion in avoided resource and energy costs, which were measured and verified according to ISO50001 Energy Management Standards. Proven track record of increasing productivity, quality and customer satisfaction. Results driven leader who has successfully managed and motivated project teams from scoping to implementation and support in fast paced, time and cost sensitive environments.

Has a wealth of technical energy consulting experience in energy optimization, energy efficiency and renewables projects. An accomplished energy conferences speaker and author. Sashay holds a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering and a Bachelor’s degree for which he graduated Cum Laude. He is a Certified Energy Manager (CEM) with The Association of Energy Engineers (AEE). He completed a Project Management Professional qualification with the Project Management Institute of America (PMP) and is registered with the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA). Sashay is a prominent member of a number of associations which include South African National Energy Association (SANEA), Project Management Institute of America (PMP), Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA), World Energy Council member (WEC), The Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) and the South African Energy Efficiency Confederation (SAEEC).
Sisa Njikelana

Managing Director
Mesereti International

Energy Solutions in Industry
Sisa Njikelana is an entrepreneur in the energy and enterprise engineering industries. He is a Patron of the Production Technology of SA. He was a Member of the South African Parliament between 2004 and 2014, and Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Energy, and a member of various other parliamentary committees. He studied Diploma on Applied Social Studies at Ruskin College, Oxford University and for a certificate on leadership communication at Rhodes University.

Sisa is the MD of Mesereti International and the Senior Policy Advisor and Industry Specialist for the South African Industrial Energy Efficiency Project in the National Cleaner Production Centre. He was a research fellow at the Centre for Competition, Regulation and Economic Development at the University of Johannesburg, and a former Chairperson of the SA Independent Power Producers Association.
  Tanya van Zyl

Quality Manager
National Cleaner Production Centre South Africa

Green Chemistry
Green Finance & Incentives
Tanya van Zyl is the Quality Manager at the NCPC-SA. Having joined the NCPC-SA in 2016 she has been active in the quality assurance of the training offered by the NCPC-SA.

Tanya studied Chemical Engineering at the North-West University in Potchefstroom and is a Certified Energy Manager (CEM); Carbon Reduction Manager (CRM) and Certified Energy Auditor (CEA). She had previously presented the CEA course as well as the Building Energy Audit Training on behalf of the Energy Training Foundation (EnTF). Tanya is also a United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) qualified Steam Systems Expert and Energy Management System Implementation Expert and a steam systems trainer.

Tanya’s work experience includes 11 years of energy efficiency and energy assessments in the industrial, mining, manufacturing, commercial and public sectors. About eight years were partially spent on Measurement and Verification (M&V) of energy saving projects implemented through Eskom IDM. Her experience includes Energy Management, Measurement and Verification, Project Management, Business Development and Quality Assurance.

Please click here to view her LinkedIn profile
  Tawanda Collins Muzamwese

Zimbabwe CTCN
Competent professional with key abilities to implement environmental management projects, cleaner production audits, occupational health and safety programmes, environmental impact assessments. Proven experience in leather, manufacturing, food and beverage sectors. A facilitator/trainer of high calibre. Goal oriented towards achieving sustainability in SMEs

Specialties: Environmental Management Systems (EMS), Cleaner Production, Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP), EIAs, sustainability training programmes.
Victor Manavhela

Regional Manager: Gauteng
National Cleaner Production Centre South Africa (NCPC-SA)

Circular Economy: Industrial Symbiosis
Victor Manavhela joined the NCPC-SA as Senior Project Manager in 2013. Before joining the NCPC-SA, he served as Deputy Director: Environmental Planning and Impact Assessment at the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. Other positions he has held include District Environmental Specialist at Mukhondo District Municipality, and Senior Environmental Specialist at Komatiland Forestry. He was also the Nature Reserve Manager at Ben Lavin Nature Reserve.

At the NCPC-SA, Victor oversees and supervises the work of a multi-disciplinary team of project managers, project coordinators and specialist service providers in the Gauteng office. He is also spearheading NCPC-SA initiatives into waste management and e-waste and plays an important role in stakeholder engagement. Amongst the flagship projects he manages is the Industrial Symbiosis Program which covers Gauteng and KwaZulu Natal, and more recently Mpumalanga and Limpopo.
William Stafford

Principal Researcher
Circular Economy & Life Cycle Management
William Stafford is a principal researcher in the Sustainability Science and Resource Economics Group at the CSIR, and is appointed as an extraordinary associate professor in the Department of Industrial Engineering at Stellenbosch University. William is a life scientist with over twenty R&D experience in diverse fields of biochemistry, biotechnology, microbial ecology, systems biology, natural resources management, industrial engineering, renewable energy, bioremediation, agro-ecology and sustainability science. He has 26 publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals, 5 book chapters and several conference proceedings.